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A fast-paced offshore outsourcing company based in the Philippines committed to providing you with well-trained and professional staffs without compromising your company's quality and operational costs.
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With the economy on the mend, Fenestra is delighted to have assisted a number of clients, we've partnered with startups, providing them with excellent virtual assistants at very affordable rates. We think that as the businesses we assist expand, so will we. We don't recruit folks at random. We handpick the most experienced, line them up, and have them ready to assist you whenever you want.
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Be yourself to free yourself

Young, vibrant, talented, skilled, and competitive. We hone the skills of the youth to start learning responsibility and accountability with you and your team. Our aspiration is to ascend to the zenith of our field, consistently exceeding expectations through the delivery of top-tier services tailored to your specific needs.



Administrative Office Support

Our agents possess extensive expertise in diverse areas, including real estate rentals, property management, medical billing, freight processing, and document filing.

Technical Support

Our agents possess a high level of expertise in proficiently identifying, thoroughly  investigating, and effectively resolving issues related to computer software and hardware. Additionally, they excel in tasks such as configuring VOIP phones, diagnosing printer malfunctions, and troubleshooting network intricacies.

Customer Service Support

We specialize in providing adept handling of email, chat, and phone support services tailored for a range of industries, including
e-commerce businesses, real estate, medical and insurance sectors, as well as proficient inbound order processing solutions.

Content writing

We are equipped with a team of professional writers who are adept at crafting engaging blogs, articles, and product descriptions tailored to your specific needs.


We work with the best and make possibilities

Jean Delima


John Delima


Ronnie Intong

Team Manager

Riciel Asingua

Team Leader

Maria Isabel Biagan

Team Leader

Jay Marlon Guape

Team Leader

Artemio Agustin Jr.

Team Leader

Maricris Malbasias

Team Leader

Dejee Tubo

Team Leader

Jio Christian Centino

Team Leader


Team Leader

Ronielo Calvo

Senior IT

Rembert Dagting


Sarah Sillacay

Talent Acquisition/Payroll

Aiza Marie Ayento


Our Mission

To provide work in the rural community, giving convenience to our clients in accomplishing tasks that we offer. To improve the standards of living in rural communities, improving communication with our clients anytime and day. Our mission is a convenience at your fingertips even in rural communities.

Our Vision

Empower rural communities with jobs, connect seamlessly with clients, elevate living standards, and bring unrivaled convenience to these landscapes.



Pursuing excellence, we transcend traditional boundaries. Fenestra ensures adaptable, innovative, and high-quality outcomes. We extend equal support to all clients, fostering connections. By investing in our team, we stand strong against top outsourcing firms, striving for superiority. Our global vision seeks to disseminate information and enhance convenience universally.


Guided by passion, we nurture our employees and clients alike. We achieve tasks swiftly and accurately, deriving satisfaction from accomplished results while maintaining humility. Together, we harness collective strength to achieve remarkable heights.


Rooted in integrity, we cultivate trust through responsible actions and genuine relationships. We provide precise assessments and prompt feedback, addressing client concerns with honesty and immediacy.


Be part of our success. We are looking for talented personnel in a variety of fields.

We’re eager to hear what information you’re particularly interested in.


Fenestra stands for unwavering integrity and excellence, driving us to deliver with passion and precision. Choose Fenestra for a partner dedicated to your success.



Be part of our success

We’re looking for

talented personnel in a variety of fields.

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We’re always happy to help.

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