PASSION INTEGRITY EXCELLENCE Minimize operating costs. Maximize profits!

Global Brand

Tomorrow is only a gentle tap away. With sophisticated technology, up to date applications and programs, in conjunction with world-renowned corporations, we are able to reach you at light speed and respond to you with no hassle. Fenestra Virtual Solutions allows people to reach out, keep posted and provide awareness to you and to remote corners of the world.

Connect With Customers

Crossing oceans and continents, across states and mountains, worldwide. Connecting with the people you do business with is easy. With Fenestra Virtual Solutions keeping in touch with everyone is our business and we ensure to keep you informed every step of the way. Finding customers, marketing products and keeping our clients informed will no longer be your worry.

Experts at the Ready

To deal with various business concerns we have experts at the ready for your convenience. We offer you a team of competent, trained, highly skilled and resourceful staff.

Young, vibrant, talented, skilled and competitive. We hone the skills of the youth to start learning responsibility and accountability with you and their team. We aim to reach the top and continue to excel in all services we offer to you.

KNOW OUR LEADERSWe work with the best and make possibilities.

John Delima

FounderThe man behind all the madness.

Jean Delima

Co-FounderTrue nurse at heart and a client relations manager. Jean is responsible for managing all aspects of its working relationships with clients to render high-quality service delivery and to maximize client satisfaction.

Ron Intong

Team ManagerA leader and motivator. He enables the team to succeed against qualitative and quantitative targets, whilst ensuring full compliance to all business and clients rule and procedures.

Monic Cobacha

Amazon ExpertA bubbly woman with a captivating smile. Monica is expert in all Amazon matters. As a woman, she believes that happiness is contentment with everything you have in life.



Occasions, these are circumstances that happen from time to time. Events, as we call it, because they do not occur every time. We often end up buying plenty of stuff when occasions arrive. We like to buy things and not just things but very “fascinating” items; shoes with heels that reach to 5 inches high,…


Do you believe that there are things that cannot be explained? A Skeptic will say that everything has its own scientific explanation, its own theory, a pathophysiology and a process. What do you think? Our world is no longer dormant, for centuries we have been very active and forward. Man moves to progress and seeks…