"Work for a Cause, not for Applause" "Live Life to Express not to Impress"

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On the seventh month of year 2017 Fenestra Virtual Solutions conducted an outreach program for the children of Honan Elementary School, in partnership with Delima’s Computer Repair and MadeWithHope Foundation with the slogan 

“Work for a Cause, not for Applause”“Live Life to Express not to Impress”

Our goal is to share. The goal of Fenestra is to share the blessings we have with people, particularly children; “the youth is the hope of our future” quoted Jose Rizal, and indeed they are. Young minds who dare to dream, assertive, fearless and compassionate, are our Filipino youth. We have seen the value of every Filipino child and we want to take part in making their dreams come true.tes, and stock designs.

We chose a school for this project. This school is a second home to not less than 50 children. The school was chosen among all others because it is closest to the heart of some employees.

Some of us may not know, but most of the students in the Philippines are not well provided with their basic needs to be able to effectively participate in the works of a student. Apart from the students who go to private schools, and to some students who hail from well-off families most of the students in our country are lacking when it comes to educational provisions.

In reality, most schools in the Philippines are insufficient in providing what is necessary for educating our students. Problems may range from a lack of school facilities and equipment; to a shortage of educators. Now, we face the crisis of overpopulated schools which is non-conducive for learning, for example, a ratio of 1:60 which means 1 teacher is to 60 students in a classroom with improper ventilation and inadequate facility. These problems and more have always been paramount and have not been totally handled as of this day.

What can we do to help? With this outreach program, we can show others that our hard work and dedication in accomplishing our tasks, as well as going on overtime were not in vain. Our earnings not only allowed us to provide for our families it also gave us a chance to share what we have with other people.

During our outreach program, our goal was to give joy to these children and make them feel that there are people who care overall, we want to share.

Together with the team we went to the school and distributed packed meals for each child, we were also able to give them gifts that contained a simple set of school supplies, slippers and we organized games for the kids to enjoy. We were also able to see the potential of these gifted youngsters as we were able to witness their responsiveness and agility in the activities.

Educators and children both expressed their gratitude by singing and dancing a song of thanks for us, and we altogether had a warm and hearty meal.

Our outreach program will forever leave a mark in our memories and we will continue to visit these kids as we hope to behold their growth and progress in the years to come.


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