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Like all other BPO industries, we believe that the team is stronger when they work together, as the saying goes “two heads are better than one” how about having more than two heads? Do you think it would make any difference?

Every other day in the office is all about transacting with clients, dealing with the boss and completing tasks and of course trying to constantly manage people’s attitudes. In the workplace, we have different types of people with different attributes, characteristics, and predicaments and you get to deal with each one day by day because that is what you do.

In a day’s work, we believe in giving our best and never let the team down, no matter how hard a task may be, or how long it will take to finish you simply know you must do everything right not just for your own achievement, but because this is expected of your client, the least you could do is disappoint a client and eventually lose their trust.

It is a day to day routine, and sometimes we reach a point of exhaustion.

Medically we call this, fatigue. Fatigue is the sense of weariness. When you are tired too tired even though you just started work a few hours earlier, when you don’t feel like doing anything and your mind is spinning, daydreaming and thoughtless; when you feel down and not a thing can cheer you up, you cannot think right resulting to accomplishing anything. When you are fatigued, it is not just your body which is weak your mood as well as sour.

To address the inevitable situation, we conjured a plan to avoid having our staffs reach the point of no return. The plan is already set in motion and is proven to be most efficient in almost all companies. This plan is having outdoor activities to allow staffs to have a change of environment, enjoy a day free of worries and load, and most of all promote sociability and camaraderie. This program also serves as a reward for the staffs hard work.

Here at Fenestra, we like to take the day off for recreation activity, usually going to the beautiful islands and beaches of Leyte which is very helpful to de-stress, unwind and recuperate the mind and body.

We have travelled to multiple places with the team. We admired the scenes and revel in the beauty of nature, splashed in the water and bonded together, competed in games and ate food we cooked together.

As we go out, we believe that what we need to accomplish is not just to have fun on the beach but more importantly to learn how to strengthen the teams. We incorporate in our activities group games and other competitive tasks to enhance the camaraderie and initiative of all the members. Through this, we can also see how each one deals with wins and losses, and what trivial strategies one is willing to apply to finish a task.

At the end of the day, we have winners and losers, but what we all get in return is a more united Fenestra, stress-free, happy feel people, lessons from both success and failure and better relationships, plus its 100% fun under the sun.

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