Do you believe that there are things that cannot be explained? A Skeptic will say that everything has its own scientific explanation, its own theory, a pathophysiology and a process. What do you think?

Our world is no longer dormant, for centuries we have been very active and forward. Man moves to progress and seeks for answers every day. Scientists have proven so much to the world with inventions and innovation. Theories alone can attest to how progressive man can think and rationalize.

Life cycles, Equations, Chemical Composition, Research, Art and Technology these are all of man’s discovery, everything we experience today is a product of our ancestors who worked effortlessly to make our world more convenient, for a better future. It is quite sad that the people who made this possible could no longer enjoy the results of their hard work but they continue to be remembered in this lifetime and the next.

What therefore is the most beautiful discovery of man? To discover that we can think logically, to even believe for a second that the human species is superior because we can understand and express our thoughts. So, what makes us tick?

I believe that man was indeed a creation out of something, in the Bible we were made of mud, scientifically we are a composite of cells, and some theories say we are an evolved species. The most acceptable answer would be the one with proof, but would you disagree?

What makes man special is our brain. All species have brains but ours is magnificent. When I studied, I realized that our brain is more complicated than the seasons of the Earth, more complex than all the stars and the galaxies combined. There is still so much more about the brain that we do not understand.

The Brain has millions of neurons that function to send a response and receive every stimuli every second or maybe much faster than that.

At school there is a competitive environment, even at work, at least everywhere it has become all about man competing to be the best. While a selected few excel others try to become the best at many things, and others simply want to sit back and enjoy the show.

If you hear someone saying “dumb” or “stupid” I suggest you correct him/her. Even for a child who has special needs or an illiterate individual learning is always possible and not one person has a right to degrade someone based on his/her capacity to think and understand.

Our brain is special. No matter how complex things may be people find a way to get by. As far as research is concerned our brain runs everything. Even feeling is radiated by our brain. Everything about man and his creations would not be made possible without the brain. It certainly is called brain for a reason.

Take a quick look around you, don’t you wonder a lot while just looking? Does your brain not take note of the remarkable things and faces you see. I bet that for a minute you already have lots of things on your mind while taking a quick look.

Researchers continue to tackle about the human mind and maybe in the future we will hear some progress. In the field of medicine, much has been discovered about the human body and mind and there has been very significant in our lives and for the future generations.

Still, I believe that everything about us and the world we live in, is open for discovery and research but some things will still be left a mystery, why? Maybe because it is better for things to be that way, maybe it is more complicated than we can imagine, and maybe it is what drives us to be better people.

Science may have answers and some questions left unanswered, Religion may be vague and all about stories but certainly has captured the interest of many, Humanity is a web of mysteries still waiting to be uncovered; all these are the foundations of the world which makes the world a beautiful place to live in.