John Delima


David John Delima, husband, and father, at the age of 30 he already owned a BPO company in the outskirts of Ormoc City and Isabel, Leyte.

Born September 27, 1985, John gained experience working in Teletech as a call center agent, he worked for 7 years and decided to establish a computer business in his hometown as a sideline along with his regular job.

By September 2013, David and Jean opened one of the first BPO company in Isabel, Leyte and after 4 years they opened another office in Ormoc, City. At Fenestra, aside from owning the company, he is also the Technical and Networking Specialist, specializes in all the technological aspects of the company as well as troubleshooting.

Fenestra Virtual Solutions is their child and its staff is their entirety. Like marriage, he devoted his passion and all of his effort to the company and believes that Fenestra will serve as a doorway for all people to a more secure and greater future.

Jean Delima


Brilliant, Confident and Effervescent; a modern woman of this age that proves that women can be strong and successful while having a family at the same time.

Jean Delima, 31, is a registered nurse and is a true nurse at heart. She graduated he Bachelors in Nursing at University of Cebu – Banilad and passed the licensure examinations that same year. For 7 consecutive years she worked at South General Hospital and Ormoc Doctors’ Hospital, working her way to the top from a staff nurse until becoming a Nurse Supervisor at the Emergency Room Unit.

Nursing was a passion but with the compensation and schedule of shifts it became difficult for her to juggle between time and family. She felt the need to spend more with her family and chose to quit her job.

As we quote “One door closes, another opens”; The loss of her dream job, opened the door for a new opportunity. Becoming the proprietor of Fenestra Virtual Solutions was a chance of a lifetime and indeed it was worth every penny.

January 2013, she started working as a Virtual Assistant at Delima’s Computer Repair and Services. By August 2017, Jen and David, her husband started their own BPO Company primarily located in the City of Ormoc.

As of date, Fenestra has continued to expand its horizons and has given more to the people in the province, especially a chance to work closer to their homes, not to be away from their families and to be justly compensated. Surely, the proprietors of the company has done more of a good job in helping lots of people stay happy together.

Ron Intong

Team Manager

Silent, timid but very talented and knowledgeable he makes you feel comfortable at work and does not bother with the miniscule things that does not affect your data, but looks at the big picture. He was born in Carmen,Cebu City and grew up in Isabel, Leyte.

Ron Intong is Fenestra’s team manager. He believes that happiness is the feeling of contentment. Content with what you have and what you have achieved. For him, to make other people smile gives him much happiness and joy every day.

His family is his sole reason why he works hard to the bone. Growing up he lived a simple and happy life with his family, luckily his parents were able to provide him with anything he needed and he lived life easily. But, having this kind of life did not stop him from desiring more than what he had.

Before working in the BPO industry his first job was a painter. He used to paint at a Church in Carmen, working eight hours a day. Although the job was not legal he made good money and “enjoyed painting”. Doing this inspired him to do better for his family. He knew that in order for his family to survive, he must work and persevere every day. Having a sense of responsibility and giving more value to time and effort and not just the money made his life significant.

  • Curiosity and Time ManagementOver time, he worked as a freelancer and landed multiple jobs. He considered himself lucky to be able to land jobs and provide for his family. That was how he met Jean and David. The couple became an inspiration to help others find jobs, they also had this effect on him, inspiring him to do more.
  • Growing up on Both CoastsFenestra Virtual Solutions is a company that offered the new generation a chance. Ronnie believes that working with this company is a blessing and an opportunity that should not be ignored.

Monique Aurum

Amazon Expert

This bubbly woman with a captivating smile was a native-born of Misamis Oriental. She was born in Gingoog City but spent most of her childhood in Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental. At around age 10 her family moved to the beautiful and bountiful island of Camiguin where she finished her Elementary and High school education.

Monique Aurum is expert in all Amazon matters. As a woman, she believes that happiness is contentment with everything you have in life. She finds life itself to be a blessing and something that must be treasured every moment and not wasted.
Her family is her greatest possession and her passion is her job. But Monique was not always a BPO enthusiast.

  • Curiosity and Peer InfluenceCuriosity and peer influence pushed her entry into the BPO industry. She landed her first job as a call center agent and was promoted to Subject Matter Expert in only three months. But she grew more motivated when she met Jeanette and David Delima of Fenestra. Having met this couple allowed her to venture into the internal organization of BPO.
  • Growing up on Both CoastsFenestra Virtual Solutions opened opportunities for her and made her grow as a businesswoman. Now, she is one of the successful entrepreneurs of Fenestra. Her dedication and commitment to her job and her family made her who she is today. According to her she is happy with her blessings but money does not matter to her, at least not much. She says “I love my job because it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am able to do things and be good at it as well as be able to train and help others grow.

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