One Team. A World of Opportunity.We specialize in administrative tasks such as data entry, web researching, article writing, graphic designing, and social media marketing.

Our amazing customer service and technical support team are always ready to help you grow and keep your clients happy. Whether phone, email, or chat support, we have the right agents for you.

Across All StagesFields we use to invest in 2016

40 %


10 %


50 %


Our MissionTo provide work in the rural community, giving convenience to our clients in accomplishing tasks that we offer. To improve the standards of living in rural communities, improving communication with our clients anytime and day. Our mission is a convenience at your fingertips even in rural communities.

- THINKING GLOBALLYWe think out of the box. With Fenestra, we guarantee flexible, fresh and quality outputs. We reach out to all our clients and serve you with equal support and service. We invest in our team to compete with the best outsourcing companies and be the best at what we do. We aim to reach every corner of the world to give you information and make life more convenient for you.
- PHILOSOPHYWe provide quality outsourcing services, giving accurate assessment and immediate feedback to satisfy your concerns. We get the job done fast and right. We take pride in our results while keeping our feet on the ground. As one, we can soar.