Occasions, these are circumstances that happen from time to time. Events, as we call it, because they do not occur every time.

We often end up buying plenty of stuff when occasions arrive. We like to buy things and not just things but very “fascinating” items; shoes with heels that reach to 5 inches high, a dress that emphasize your curves and assets, jewelry to complete the outfit and the occasion; we also add accessories that glitter and oh! hairdo and make up for you. What else? A purse or a matching bag for the dress and so much more. That is just for an occasion, maybe for a wedding, graduation, a dance might be a party of some kind?

They say the media is at fault for placing ads all over the place and making us all believe that what is beautiful are only what we see on television, what we read on the papers and tabloids, we even see them everywhere, in the mall, in the sidewalks and even in transportation vehicles, campaign ads hung on billboards. These so called “advertisements” they feed our minds.

Why am I writing this? Am I a media hater? Do I detest fashion? Am I envious of other people’s glamour and fame? Why am I writing this? Why are you even reading this article?

My answer, No. Not really. I cannot say I dislike both fashion or the influence of media because the truth is, both play a huge role in our lives, and fashion is an art of expression. But let me say more.

My point here is that we consumers must be more sensible in the nature of our enterprise. Financially, less than half of the majority of the Filipino population has more than enough salary for the necessities alone, mostly barely have enough to buy anything else because they have a mortgage, food and other priorities like education fees, their child’s needs and the list could go on.

How can you cope with the economy? What about the economy? Because obviously there is rapid increase in all the basic consumption products such as food even water, while prices continue to rise there is hardy any effect on the wages of workers. Once again, how can you cope?

This is tough. How we lead our lives with minimum wage you would always have a tight budget and it is a struggle. So, how about doing away with the less important stuff and make sure to avail of the needs of the family. What does fashion have to do with this?

We need clothing, I agree. What you don’t need is to have new shoes, new dress, blouses, a new tie or a new bag every week not even a quick change in a month. It is not that hard to stick to what you have for may be 6 months or a year. Trust me, you can save plenty of money and stop worrying about money so much if you only have some sensitivity with your needs. If you do not prioritize buying clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that are not even needed then it can a remarkable effect on your finances. You may even get to enjoy your money with loved ones too

Still, I do not commend purchase of glamorous things that are beyond your budget, even if you seldom do this, still it carries its weight. The television show did not ask you to buy the Php 3,000.00 worth of shoes in the store to use for a one night party, and don’t say you bought stuff because they were on sale. It’s all on you. It is all your choice and your money that is spent.

At the end of the day, you will have to realize the value of what you have and why you have it. Understand that living is not just about enjoying everything, taking and buying; it is about giving, moreover, it is about sacrifice. So have some sense in you before checking out.